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Astronomers Captured a Brilliant Afterglow of Violet Star Merger

Astronomers surprised by releasing a mysterious video on Wednesday. This video showed a footage of ever-evolving lime green spots on dark background. Along with this, the second spot is visible which is the brightest neon bulb. What you're seeing is proof that about 20 billion years ago an ultra powerful neutron star collided with a dim star, spitting out an explosive, short-lived gamma ray burst, rippling gravitational waves across the universe and diffusing surrounding space with a potent afterglow. It was a shattering merger that occurred when the universe was just 40% old of its current age, and our remarkable view of this incident is courtesy of the world's largest radio telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) situated in Chile. ALMA is a combination of 66 radio telescopes that are spread across the Chilean Andes and work together to gather information about the universe. ALMA program chief Wen Fi Fong said in a statement "The af