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Scientists Find Dark Matter From 1.5 Billion Years After The Universe's Beginning

Particles of dark matter keep giving us signals and astronomers also claim to have received something related to dark matter. Dark matter is a puzzle itself. Recently, astronomers have observed the effects of dark matter at the edge of the observable universe, when our universe was only 1.5 billion years old. It neither emits light nor absorbs light, but its gravitational effect does affect light. The clumps of dark matter form the gravitational lensing that is able to deflect or focus light. Astronomers have measured dark matter found in galaxy clusters through this same effect. We can also see this lensing effect in James Webb's deep field images. The light from extremely distant galaxies is distorted by the mass of nearby galaxies, Astronomers can map and calculate the distribution of dark matter in those nearby galaxies using this nature of light. But, recent studies show the galaxies to be so far away that there are actually no more distant galaxies.  Recommended ⬇